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          Author. Educator. Mentor


Natalie McDonald-Perkins is an elementary school teacher from San Francisco, California. She earned her Master of Arts in Teaching with a concentration in Multicultural Studies, Social Justice Education, and Action Research from California State University, Fresno in 2015. Natalie has worked in the education field for 18 years and has been a teacher for seven years. Throughout her entire career, she has been dedicated to serving underprivileged youth. She spent most of her career teaching in Sacramento, California and East Oakland, California. Her professional interests include social-emotional learning, culturally relevant teaching, and behavior management through positive student-teacher relationships. She also enjoys mentoring and supporting other teachers with routines, rituals, curriculum, and instruction. In her free time, she enjoys writing, spending time with her family, and reading. The little girl in her desired more positive representations of African American boys and girls in children’s literature. She is honored to gift you with "Best in Me,” her debut book.

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