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Do you know who you are?

My black is beautiful And there is nothing in me that is evil My black is not synonymous to darkness Look into my blackness and behold brightness

I have an unwavering consciousness of who I am Self-aware of my innate abilities I belong in a line of dynasties Regardless of my height, I stand tall

No matter what they see through their lenses I am a description of what excellence is I don't crack I lead the way, I create the tracks

I'm not from a dark world I'm illumination in this shady world Solution I am, dissolving any problem I'm unstoppable... Greatness is my emblem

Opinions don't move me I cruise my own boat I love good clothings but Melanin is my favorite coat

I'm a seed of greatness And that's what I'm going to sow My heart is clean and pure like the snow Yes I'm black, if I come to this life again, it shall be so

-melanin poems

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